Red Wines

Valpolicella £18.95
An all round wine, produced on the hills north of Verona

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo £19.95
A splendid full-bodied, even robust, wine with a supple smoothness

Chianti Classico £21.95
A wine with perfect balance, elegant style and enticing bouquet, dry with ample fruit and long-lasting flavour

Malbec £19.90
A well balanced crimson red with plum and raspberry aromas which mingle elegantly with vanilla notes

White Wines

Lambrusco £15.95
Eternally popular semi-sweet slightly sparkling wine with natural fermentation

Soave £16.95
A dry wine made from Trebbiano and Garanega grapes

Verdicchio Classico £18.95
Another popular medium dry well-balanced wine: the classico is an indication of the high quality of this decorative example

Frascati Superiore £17.60
Straw yellow with a balanced bouquet, this dry, crisp wine is very popular, originating from North Rome

Pinot Grigio £17.95
A popular, dry, crisp wine, with a pleasant velvety, balanced taste

House Wines

Red Or White:

75cl           £14.95
1/2 Litre           £8.50


Pinot Grigio Rose            £17.95
White Zinfandel             £17.95

German Wines

Liebfraumilch £14.95

Niersteiner £14.95

Champagne And Sparkling Wines

Moet et Chandon N.V       £46.00

Berlucchi Cuvee Imperiale (Italian)       £35.00

Moscato Spumante (Medium)      £17.50

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